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Licensed Moonwalks
Like our standard play inflatables, our licensed moonwalks are an awesome addition to any event.  What’s even better, our licensed inflatables allow you to match your moonwalk to the theme of your event, or just invite your child’s favorite character to the party!  Don't be fooled by other "knock-offs" or "one-sided" banners, our licensed moonwalks feature full-color, authentic images! 

Hello Kitty Jump
Description [ pricing ]


Super Mario Jump
Description  [ pricing ]


Frozen Jump
Coming September 2014  [ pricing ]


Wall-E 3D Jump
Description  [ pricing ]


Scooby-Doo Jump

Scooby-Doo, where are you?  Right here - with all of his "mystery-solving" friends in our Scooby-Doo moonwalk (14'4Lx15'4Wx12'8H)!  Take a ride in the Mystery Machine with Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma and unmask the villain to save the day! [ pricing ]


Cars Jump

Spend the day in Radiator Springs with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson and Flo in our awesome Cars moonwalk (14'4Lx15'4Wx12'8H)!  Your high-octane race fans will have a blast as they cruise down Route 66 with all of their Cars friends.  They are sure to bring home the Piston Cup!
[ pricing ]

Strawberry Shortcake Jump

If you have little girls in your life, it just doesn’t get much sweeter than this!  Our Strawberry Shortcake Jump (14’4Lx15’4Wx13H) brings the delightfulness of Strawberryland to life, featuring Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Cake and Apple Dumplin’.  Even Strawberry’s cat, Custard, and dog, Pupcake will be there to join in the fun! [ pricing ]

Disney Princess Jump

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” – and your little girls’ dreams will surely come true in our charming Disney Princess Jump (15Lx15Wx12’8”H).  Featuring Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Belle, this castle is fit for a princess! 
[ pricing ]

Disney Princess Club
Let your special girls kick their shoes off and step into the slippers of their favorite Disney princess! With exquisite details, our Disney Princess Club, which measures 15Lx15Wx16H and includes a convertible roof, is simply enchanting. Have Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Jasmine as guests at your party! [ pricing ]

Sesame Street Club

“Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…”  Our Sesame Street Club (15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof) is the most adorable, sought-after inflatable of the season, featuring all of the old favorites – Big Bird, Grover, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and more!
[ pricing ]


Dora the Explorer Club

What an adventure your kids will have when they don their backpacks and spend the day with Dora, and her friends Boots and Tico, in this amazingly colorful inflatable! Our Dora the Explorer Club (15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof) is the perfect addition to your fiesta. Come on, Vamonos ! [ pricing ]


World of Disney Jump
No need to take your party to Disney World... we will bring Disney World to you!  Our World of Disney moonwalk (14'4Lx15'4Wx12'8H) includes all of your favorite characters, from Dumbo to Tigger, to the Princesses and Pinocchio...and Mickey and all of his closest friends!  Our World of Disney moonwalk is perfect for every party theme! [ pricing ]


Toy Story Jump
Join Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the gang on a fun-filled adventure in our Toy Story moonwalk (14'4Lx15'4Wx12'8H).  Andy might be off at college, but the kids at your party can enjoy the playful toys he left behind.  With our Toy Story moonwalk, your children can take a trip "to infinity and beyond!" [ pricing ]

Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles Jump

Those “heroes in a half shell” are back and ready to save the world!  Let your “turtles” practice their ninja skills with Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael in our TMNT Jump (14’4Lx15’4Wx13H).  It’s Ninja Time! [ pricing ]


Tinker Bell Jump
Transport your “fairies” to Never Never Land!  All you need is trust, a little pixie dust … and our Tinker Bell moonwalk (14’4Lx15’4Wx12’8H)!  In this charming moonwalk, Tinker Bell will spread enchantment throughout your pixie party, urging everyone to believe in the magic!

[ pricing ]

Happy Feet Jump

[ pricing ]

Sponge Bob Club

Ahoy!  Welcome to Bikini Bottom,

where your “starfish” can spend the day

swimming with their pal SpongeBob, his best friend Patrick Star, and his crabby neighbor Squidward.  With our SpongeBob Club (15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof), your kids are in for a real undersea adventure! [ pricing ]

Disney Lion King Club
Your little cubs will feel like they stepped out of your yard and into the jungle in this rip-roaringly fun inflatable! With Simba, Timon, Pumbaa and Nala hanging out nearby, our Lion King Club (15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof) will make your kids the next Kings and Queens of the Pride Lands. Hakuna Matata! [ pricing ]

Warner Brothers
Looney Tunes Club

The gang’s all here in our Looney Tunes Club (15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof), which features Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Marvin the Martian, Taz, and the one and only wascally wabbit – Bugs Bunny! Your kids will have a blast in this inflatable, whether they’re saving Tweety from the mean paws of Sylvester, or keeping Bugs and Daffy out of trouble! “Ehh, what’s up Doc?” [ pricing ]

Disney The Incredibles Club
Dig those hero costumes out of storage and get ready to practice your super skills!  With a little help from Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and their children (Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack), your superheroes will conquer the villains in our Incredibles Club (15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof).  It’s “Showtime”!  [ pricing ]

Warner Brothers
Batman and Robin Club
Your little jokers can assume their alter egos as they enter the doom-and-gloom of Gotham City! Our Batman and Robin Club(15Lx15Wx16H, with convertible roof) features the dynamic duo, along with all of their most despised villains! Are your “Dark Knights” ready to restore order to the city and protect it’s citizens?! [ pricing ]

Standard Moonwalks
Known by several different names (moonwalks, jumpers, bouncers), our play inflatables are a wonderful way to entertain a group of children. These moonwalks are the perfect addition to any function and are fun for children of all ages!

Camelot Castle Blue
Description  [ pricing ]


Fun Castle #1
Make your children royalty for the day! Your miniature Kings and Queens will be full of giggles as they bounce about in our majestic Castle, which measures 15Lx15Wx14H (enclosed). With bright, bold colors, your littlest court jesters will love this one, too! [ pricing ]

Monster Truck
If your kids have caught on to the Monster Truck madness that is sweeping the nation, they will definitely love this awesome inflatable! With those huge tires hanging off the sides, our Monster Truck moonwalk (15Lx15Wx19H, enclosed) crushes the competition! This bouncer guarantees tons of “off-road, mud-diggety” fun. The only question is – Are You Ready to Rumble?!
[ pricing ]

Jungle Bounce
Welcome to the Jungle! With snakes slithering nearby and monkeys hanging overhead, our adorable Jungle Bounce (15Lx15Wx16H, enclosed) will keep your koala’s coming back for more! Pair this moonwalk with our Palm Tree Slip & Slide or Safari Jungle Combo for a terrifically tropical party! [ pricing ]


Known as the "gentle giants" of the animal kingdom, elephants stand high above the rest, and our Elephant moonwalk (13'Lx14'Wx17'H) is no exception!  Our Elephant moonwalk is ideal for the animal-lover in your family, and is also great for a “zoo-themed” party! [ pricing ]

Rocket Bounce

Do you have an aspiring Neil Armstrong in your family?  If so, they will surely think our Rocket Bounce moonwalk (15'Lx15'Wx14'H) is out of this world!  With four turbo-powered rockets on the corners, your little astronauts can take a trip to the moon and back!
[ pricing ]


Camelot Castle Brown
Description  [ pricing ]


Our Oceanarium will surely make a splash at your next party! With a friendly octopus watching over them, your little fishes can ride the waves on this fun inflatable. The Oceanarium, which measures 15Lx15Wx16H (enclosed), is great for any summer party. This inflatable is also a fun addition to a Detroit Red Wing hockey party (with the traditional octopus standing by for good luck)! [ pricing ]

For a hauntingly good time, make our Halloween bounce (15Lx15Wx16H, enclosed) the “ghost” of honor at your next gathering. Decorated with witches, bats, and spooky spiders, your little goblins will think this bouncer is a real treat! [ pricing ]

Sports Stadium
They shoot, they score! Whatever their game of choice, your sports fans will all be winners in our fun-filled Sports Stadium (15Lx15Wx14H, enclosed), which includes an inflated basketball hoop inside.
In this arena, the home team always wins!
[ pricing ]

Fun Castle #2

Make your children royalty for the day! Your miniature Kings and Queens will be full of giggles as they bounce about in our majestic Castle, which measures 15Lx15Wx14H (enclosed). With bright, bold colors, your littlest court jesters will love this one, too! [ pricing ]

Aloha Bounce

Bring out the leis, tikis, grass skirts and our Aloha moonwalk, and you’ll think you’ve been transported to Maui for the day!  Our fun Aloha moonwalk (15’Lx15xWx14’H) is the perfect addition to your “luau”.  Both kids and adults will love this tropical-themed moonwalk – sit back, relax and enjoy!
[ pricing ]


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